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Awards and Recognition

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LouisThai is a fast innovation and fast moving company, its has developed its business couple of years to provide hospitality to the market. LouisThai received the awards, with the honor in its industry. 

The award not only an award, its is a recognition of LouisThai and motivation to develop better services and products to the consumer, and its is the motivation for us to move forward keep improving the customer services performance.

World Consumers’ Protection Chamber of Commerce revealed its 2022 Consumer Protection certified and verified to LouisThai from the assessment based on the SOP lined by MTPN.

Commitment to build the trade trust between consumers and us. Our consumer protection quality has earned verify and honor to serving LouisThai’s customers.

LouisThai International CSR recognition 2023. LouisThai created social responsibility in blood donation campaign activities is the obligation of corporate mission to pursue long-term goals that are beneficial to society. Mr. Louis believes that the goal of his company is not only to generate revenue, he links CSR with various responsibilities of company managers to meet human needs inside and outside the industry, and believes that CSR contains moral internal factors, and spare the love of social are a measure the scale should be much higher than the company’s profit.

Malaysia Intellectual Property Elites 2022

Mr. Louis had achieved in his honor in LouisThai International Group, this recognition is by the third party which is Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara MTPN, Mr. Louis have been selected by MTPN, he is being honored as an intellectual property elites in Malaysia, who has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the industry and delivered excellent services to customers.


Successful People in MalaysiaWong Shee Yee, Louis, Founder and Board of Director of LouisThai International with his outstanding performance in business field, attract the attention of foreigners, his portfolio deeds were selected as one of the successful people in Malaysia by the British Publishing House, record into “British Encyclopedia of Successful Malaysians (5th Edition) as a Successful People In Malaysia.

LouisThai Group demonstrated capabilities to drive the businesses forward and grow sustainably, in pursuit of the best value for society, shareholders, customers and stakeholders. Recognizes the achievements of his successful and keeps in printed reference works. His personalities are carefully selected based on recommendations and research. He accommodate to those who have made valuable contributions to our societies and communities both at the national and international levels. These are executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and service providers from various professions and at various stages of his careers.

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