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九层塔法事 9 Level Blessing Magic

九层塔法事是唯一最强的,也是我们最推荐的法事之一。制作过程非常繁复,使用材料也非常多,需要耗时间去完成。 凡是遇到生活不顺的善信们,或是生活遇到障碍,犯太岁者,面对官司诉纠缠者,中降头者,被恶灵骚扰的善信们,曾经堕过胎或流产者都鼓励使用9层塔法事来帮助您们解决问题。更多详情请马上联络我们的专页或是邮件给我。 9 level blessing magic is the most stronger blessing magic, which we recommend. The way to prepare and make this blessing magic is very complicate, take whole day, and spend time to complete it. For those who are facing suffer in their daily life, or Fan Tai Sui year - interruption, obstacle or obstructing force that is aggressively in that year, having lawsuit in court, having black magic on body, ghost disturb, or who had abortion before we are very encourage to take 9 level blessing magic to settle. For more information details please direct enquire via our Facebook Page and Email us.

九宫格法事 9 cube Blessing Ritual

九宫格法事是9层塔的一种,但是 力量还是9层塔法事比较强,也是我们最推荐的法事之一。九宫格法事可说是完美无缺的一种传统古老法事,现在的年代渐渐的失传了。主要是改善不好的运气/带走不好的东西,法事的最后师傅会将一切的好运从新灌入善信的身上。 这个法事属于Multi-Function法事,多功能法事,如以下列出的: 凡是遇到生活不顺的善信们 生活遇到障碍 犯太岁者 面对官司诉纠缠者 中降头者 被恶灵骚扰的善信们 曾经堕过胎或流产者 运气不好的 动大型手术前的病人 小人陷害 等等格式各样问题都鼓励使用9宫格法事来帮助您们解决问题。或是有更奇特的个案和更多详情请马上联络我们的专页或是邮件给我。 9 cube ritual is a type of 9 level ritual, but the power is still relatively strong, and it is also one of our most recommended rituals. The 9 cube ritual can be said to be a perfect traditional ancient ritual, and it is gradually lost in the present age. The main thing is to improve bad luck/take away bad things. The last master of the ritual will pour all good luck into the faithful. This memorial service belongs to Multi-Function memorial memorial service, which is listed below: Those good faithful who have encountered problems in life Encounter obstacles in life Tai Sui Facing a lawsuit against an entangled person Good believers who are harassed by evil spirits People who have had an abortion or miscarriage Bad luck Patients before major surgery Villain framed And so on, all kinds of questions are encouraged to use the 9 cube grid to help you solve the problem. For more information details please direct enquire via our Facebook Page and Email us.

大起运法事 Luck Booster Ritual

这个法事也是我们用独门起运咒语来做的,他很大帮助在运气方面。尤其是个人起运。 对于做生意的人都适合做这个法事来帮助自己提升本身的运气,有助于生意蒸蒸日上。 时常玩投资的老板/banker/做sale的都适合做这个法事。同时也是有招财功能这个法事也有帮助不好的运影响不到我们自身的好运。 他是主要用神的方式来帮我们起运 让我们的运更加的旺。想要知道更多详情请联系我们为您解释。 The luck booster ritual is special unique ritual for luck. It helps a lot in terms of luck. Especially for individual luck boost. It is suitable for business people to do this ritual to help them improve their luck and help their business flourish. The businessman/bankers/salesman or who are often play investment, this group of people are suitable for this ritual. At the same time, it also has the function of recruiting wealth. Bad luck can't affect our own good luck. This ritual is mainly using God's way to help us make our luck more prosperous. For more information please contact us for more details.

泰国古法 医术大型法事 Medical healing ritual

这项法事类似于九层塔法事,但是这个法事主要是拿来医病,杂症,或是 身体不舒服是因为不干净东西而导致的,都可以用这个法事来化解。反而这个法事比九层塔法事做法复杂许多。 This kind of ritual same with 9 level ritual, but this ritual main purpose is to medical healing for people who are heavy sick, hard recover sick, or sick because of ghosts / black magic cause. This ritual preparation hard and difficult than 9 level ritual.