Louis Thai International

Corporate Sustainability

Louis Thai International Group SDN BHD committed in corporate sustainability development as a business responsible goals for operating daily business. Mr. Louis as a board of director member, he knowing that corporate sustainability development is important of the company future growth and expansion, and positive impact to environment and social.  

LouisThai paid close attention engagement about our environment and social issues nowadays, to ensure that our customer supporting LouisThai’s brand that can help our environment and social from the product and service when they purchased. 

In addition, the corporate sustainability activities contribute with our internal and external relation between LouisThai staffs and our customers. Corporate sustainability implementation area including few initiatives in the reduce carbon, reduce energy consumption, awareness the important of education and culture, human and animal life well being.  This are the key factors that of LouisThai corporate sustainability target.

Emission Management

Reduce Carbon

Starting October 2022, Louis Thai International have announced that to target reduce 80% of carbon emission from praying incense stick, candle, and ritual burning items. We starting to use carbon less and short thin praying incense stick for the reduce carbon. The aim of this purposes is to protect our earth mother from global warming, to ensure our customer safe and healthy while in our service center, to prevent carbon harm from lungs cancer, breath issue, Headache, drowsiness, tiredness and others. According to research, carbon emission will caused greenhouse effect to ocean environment, excessive heat and energy warms the ocean, the change in temperature leads to unparalleled cascading effects, including ice-melting, sea-level rise, marine heatwaves, and ocean acidification.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Awareness The Important Of Education And Culture

Bacok, 25 October 2022, Recently Louis Thai International Group SDN BHD, led by MR Wong Shee Yee, Director, organized CSR activity contributed with louisThai customers “Offering robes to the sangha”. Aim of this CSR is to provide robes for poor people have chance, who are willing and interest to learn Buddhism culture, to reduce their cost of buying a new monk robes. The activity was held at Thai temple, Wat Pathumvitharn, Bacok.

Human and Animal Life Well-being

During 2020, was Covid-19 pandemic, we found that there is many poor people don’t have clean food and water to eat, we provide some of the food and clean water to tramp.


Save Human Life - Blood Donation Campaign

LouisThai International CSR recognition 2023. LouisThai created social responsibility in blood donation campaign activities is the obligation of corporate mission to pursue long-term goals that are beneficial to society. Mr. Louis believes that the goal of his company is not only to generate revenue, he links CSR with various responsibilities of company managers to meet human needs inside and outside the industry, and believes that CSR contains moral internal factors, and spare the love of social are a measure the scale should be much higher than the company’s profit.


We Highly Attach Important to Code of Conduct of Ethic Value

Louis Thai International strongly anti-corruption. It’s important for us to clearly stated our professionalism standards from using company resources in discipline way. The practices may to create a healthy, safe work environment.