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Louis Thai PLUS

Mr. Louis, CEO of LOUIS THAI Group, said: “We found that our strengths are not only in ritual services, but also in our brand and fortune-telling services. We look forward to providing customers with better fortune-telling services, and our team must consciously consider the “professional” services provided to the customer base. Louis Thai PLUS will also expand its strength in Thai amulet products.

Unlike Louis Thai International, Louis Thai PLUS has upgraded its fortune-telling services to a full range of services, namely Full Premium and Flexi services. Full Premium service is about 55 minutes of consultation, and you get more exclusive services than customers expect. Specially designed solutions to your problems. Customers can enjoy privileged services. The first commitment must be to serve our customers on time. Flexi service allows our customers to get services conveniently and quickly in a Flexi way. About 25 minutes of consultation, let us serve customers with a thoughtful experience. Save precious time and feel the comfort of unique results.

According to feedback from past customers, our tracking results show that almost 99% Our clients have given us positive reviews after receiving our services. We are constantly developing and improving our fortune-telling skills and “mystical powers” to provide quality services to the community. Our team has formulated a long-term development strategy that drives us to provide customers with more valuable, efficient and accurate fortune-telling services, and to enrich our customers’ future lives with the same goals and mission as the center.

We have launched a brand new organization and its brand new service products, called “Louis Thai PLUS” It has its own strategy to enhance organizational capabilities and develop its expertise, and our customers will be the first beneficiaries. Louis Thai PLUS will bring customers beyond praise.

Thank you again for your support and our loyal customers, it will bring you unprecedented shocks! Please wait and see!

LOUIS THAI 集团首席执行官 Louis 先生表示:“我们发现我们的优势不仅在于法事服务,我们的品牌和算命服务也存在非常强大的优势。我们期待为客户提供更好的算命服务,而我们的团队必须有意识地考虑为客户群体提供的“专业”服务。Louis Thai PLUS 也将将扩大其在泰国护身符产品方面的实力。

Louis Thai PLUS 与 Louis Thai International 不同,其算命服务已升级为全套服务,即 Full Premium 和 Flexi 服务。Full Premium 服务大约 55 分钟的咨询,获得比客户预期更多的专属服务。专门设计您的问题解决方案。客户可以尽情享受特权服务。首要承诺必定是准时为我们的客户提供服务。Flexi 服务使我们的客户能够方便快捷地以 Flexi 方式获得服务。大约 25 分钟的咨询,让我们以周到的体验为客户提供服务。节省宝贵的时间并感受到独特结果带来的舒适感。

根据以往客户的反馈,我们追踪结果显示,几乎 99% 的客户在接受我们的服务后都给予了好评。我们不断发展和提高我们的算命技巧和“神秘力量”,为社会提供优质服务。我们的团队制定了长期发展战略,推动我们为客户提供更有价值、更高效、更准确的算命服务,并以相同的目标和使命为中心,丰富客户未来的生活。

我们推出了全新的组织及其全新的服务产品,称为“Louis Thai PLUS” 它有自己的策略来增强组织能力,发展属于它的专业知识,我们的客户将是第一个受益者。Louis Thai PLUS 将为客户带来超越赞美。