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Season 1 The Stories of the Success

Ep 1 | How The Astrological & Spiritualists Business Inspiring by the Young Entrepreneur in Malaysia

Wong Shee Yee, Louis he inspired Asia society, especially in Malaysia. The business man who has transformed the company’s culture and strategy. He emphasizes empathy, growth mindset, and continuous learning. Under his leadership, Louis Thai International has embraced cloud computing, and implement-source technologies into business.

He is the Key person who is influencing and guiding people in life leading and profession in human luck studies. He owned a forward-thinking entrepreneur’s knowledge involved in human life development. His power of judging, commanded majority support from his supporters. The man who dominated human life.

In the next episode we will talk about how he is successful in this industry and he never has any experience in the astrological and spiritualist business indrustry. 

Stay tuned in the next Episode 2. We will talk about How does Mr. Wong Shee Yee, the male youngest slient CEO of Louis Thai Group, manage his business? To grow into a more than 2000 supporter kingdom of the believer, and he earned over the world’s human life experience along his 20s years old. 

Malaysian | Founder & CEO of Louis Thai Group Since 2020.