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Professional Fees are implemented onward July 2024

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Dear Valued Clients, 

Ladies and gentleman’s’, boys and girls, Upon thorough assessment and diligent maintenance, the company has decided to implement a professional fee surcharge 5 MYR from July 1, 2024 onward. The final decision was meticulously reviewed by the board meeting from January until June 28, 2024. The CEO was opposed to implementing this decision. The company final decision waived relevant surcharge as a “discount” until December 31, 2024, only for Malaysia region. 

The company decided not to increase most of the ritual service fees until December 31, 2025. Even the currencies and the nation’s economy keep going on inflation. While we spent 6 months researching our own consumer’s CPI, the results made us decide not to increase the cost because pursuing client happiness is more important than earning profits. 

Another side of the concern is the economic inflation is affecting The company’s future development. To ensure the upkeep of the company, maintain the standard level of service and implement advanced technology facilities and features to benefit clients and guests in the future. We decided to have a surcharge on professional fees by January 01, 2025 including Malaysia region.

Thank you for your prompt attention to the above matter and understanding of this acknowledgement notice. We value your needs as a priority, and we trust this goes some way to make up for the inconvenience to your experience. Herein, if we can help in any other way, please do contact us. We look forward to serving you continued. 

Your Life Leading Company

Best Regards

July 05, 2024 Friday 20.05

Region Surcharge Fees Surcharge Type Waved End Waved On
Malaysia 5.00 MYR Professional Fees -5.00 MYR December 31, 2024 23.50 GTM +8
Singapore 3.00 SDG Professional Fees N/A N/A
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 10.00 HKD Professional Fees N/A N/A
Mainland China 10.00 RMB Professional Fees N/A N/A
Other regions Surcharge by 2% of total payable fees Professional Fees N/A N/A