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一层塔法事 One Level Ritual

一层塔法事 One Level Ritual

这是一个比较传统的法事,外面很少会看见会做这类型的法事。即使是有那也未必是真正的法门,要找对人 才获取真正的帮助。主要功能是帮助改运和改善运气的。如果您是犯太岁者 或是 行事一直不顺利的话 可以考虑考虑这类的法事,尤其是政府部门工作者 也适合做该法事来避开可恶的小人问题。

This is a relatively traditional ritual, and it is rare to see this type of ritual being done outside. The main function is to help change luck and improve luck. If you are a Tai Sui year person or have been in life trouble, you can consider this kind of ritual service, especially for government workers.

九塔水果法事 9 Fruits Ritual

主要帮助提升运气或是改运的一种方式。有时候因为运气不旺,运气不起运,导致做事情很多阻碍,要完成任务却无法达到预期的期望,通常这样的问题 往往的因为运气的问题。只要把运气搞好了,提升回来就可以一切顺利无阻。

Mainly to help improve luck, to improve personal luck. Sometimes due to poor luck or not enough luck, will cause unlucky luck, this happen there are many obstacles in doing things, for example, the expected expectations cannot be achieved in order to complete the task. Usually, such problems are often caused by luck. As long as you have good luck, you can get perfect in life and everything will be smooth.

红花女神 Red Rose Women God

做老板的、美容行业的、做网红的、主播的、电台VJ DJ,艺人的,Instagramer的,influencer的,都可以做这个法事。

功效:助人缘,财运,个人魅力,保平安,提神工作运,招客人运,等等 (写不完)非常强烈推存的法事,其他家做到怎样的效果,我们不保证,但是我们做的话肯定是利用红花女神的独家法门来下法,做到最强给我们的客人。

Work as a boss, work as the beauty industry, celebrity, KOL (influencer), the anchor, the radio VJ DJ, the artist, the Instagramer, and the influencer, all can do this ritual.

Efficacy: helping people, wealth, personal charm, keeping peace, refreshing work luck, attracting guests, etc.

选新家新车服务 Choose New Best Property Service

人有人运,屋子也有屋子的运,车也不例外,甚至高楼大厦 公司办公室也一样。建议凡是想自己的property带旺给自己 事前就应该找正确的property,投资对的property才可以把自己带旺起来,做任何事情也给自己带来比较顺利。以LouisThai多年的经验 用法科提供这项服务,为多位客人找到正确的房产投资和公司办公室。

Human have human luck, house also have house luck, even a commercial building corporate office tower also have their luck. People are transported by people, and houses are transported by houses. It is suggested that anyone who wants to make his property prosperous should find the right property. Only by investing in the right property, that can you make yourself prosperous, and it will be smoother for you to do anything. With LouisThai’s many years of experience providing this service, finding the right property investment and company office for multiple clients.