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Louis Thai Co. Goes Paperless with ‘Green Earth’ Initiative

Kuala Lumpur, 06 May 2024, Louis Thai Group (LTG) has emerged Go-Green champaign in 2024 and the following year with the long term champaign’s tagline of Go-Green champaign – “Green Earth It’s A Life of Health. Aim of this campaign is to bring awareness to the social issues of greenhouse emission affecting our mother earth by cutting down trees in every corner of the world. Louis Thai Group starting the first step from ‘Invoice’. Issue the E-invoice to clients with the advertisement on E-invoice to raise awareness of Louis Thai’s client about global  environment issues nowadays.

Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Louis Thai,  Mr. Wong Shee Yee, Louis, said, “That’s a great initiative! Going green is not only good for the environment but it can also have significant cost savings in the long run business operation. Louis Thai Group embracing paperless invoicing not only reduces paper waste, but it also streamlines processes and makes it easier to manage records. Additionally, you might consider other sustainable practices within the company, such as utilizing renewable energy sources and minimizing waste. It’s fantastic to see how our businesses are taking proactive steps towards the sustainable development goal (SDG) in environmental sustainability.”

Standing with the global trend, the Group is seeing a strong uptake in environment issue and social healthy from the impacts of the green house effect. The Group is also contribute in Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) on the path to maintain our mother earth.