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IMC Promotion Discount is a RISK

The experience taught; the new launch service-based firm in the new market (nation) that the most successful business strategy is to provide a 50% direct discount while entering a new competitive market. Said by Louis Thai International CEO Wong Shee Yee, Louis.

Based on the Queensland Government’s article highlighted “Risks of sales promotions” mentioned being aware of the risks of sales promotion.    Not recommend implementing a product-based business on offering sales discounts. Before implementing a sales discount must take serious consideration of risks and potentially disastrous pitfalls.

Image source get from blog.hubspot by Jay Fuchs @Jay_Fewks on the title Considering a Sales Discount? Here’s What You Need to Know

The CEO Mr. Louis said: “Yes, it is true, “discount” can be an effective means of generating demand and revenue, but the outcomes are some of the most important reasons to consider when deciding whether you should leverage this kind of strategy.” Said by his wisdom. 

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